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When I say I’m worldwide, I really mean it! I’ll travel wherever you need me to be and be all the happier for it. Seeing the world is my husband and I’s number one priority. Sometimes Holden and I find ourself planning our next trip while still on vacation – that’s how much it means! Here’s a list of the places we’ve been and are dying to get back to or that we are stoked to eventually see. If you’re planning on getting married, eloping, or want a session in any of these places, we’re offering discounted packages and travel!

Switzerland + Ireland + France + Brazil + Bermuda + South Africa + Finland + Norway + New Zealand + Spain
+ Greece + Peru + Morocco + Bali + Thailand + Prague + Tahiti + Costa Rica + Banff + St. Lucia + Iceland + Greenland
+ Faroe Islands + Galapagos Islands + Malaysia + Fiji + Argentina + Malta + India + Scotland